How I’m Achieving My Biggest Goal Of 2019 Using Wealthfront

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I dreamed of traveling the world one day.

I spent the past two years making it happen through saving and budgeting.

It’s been the greatest investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Now I’m living that dream, so it’s time to refocus my goals and aim for more. That’s what 2019 is about for me.

Financial freedom is my greatest goal in 2019 and beyond.

In the traveling community, people often share that they desire travel above all else and I’ve always felt differently. Travel has truly been my been my greatest passion and teacher, but I have plenty of goals that are unrelated to travel. I want to see the world AND I want a cozy home. I want to experience different cultures AND I want to live a comfortable life. I believe that it’s possible for me to have both.

Financial freedom has provided me the opportunity to travel and I know that it can lead to much more. It’s not necessarily about having more money or material items, but the simple fact that it would allow me invest in myself, my dreams, and the people around me.


It means that I can afford to invest in my physical and mental health, whether that be through purchasing healthy food items or paying for therapy.

It means that I can afford to invest in my personal development, which ultimately affects the people around me and the world at large.

It means that I can afford to invest in charities, organisations, and people that I support.

It means that I can experience security and stability in the long term.

It means that I can continue to see the world, have location independence, and invest in life-changing experiences.

It means that I can afford to create the life that I truly desire.


I’m excited to start this financial journey in 2019 because I know that it will be so beneficial in the long run. Aside from the standard ‘save your money’ talk while growing up, finances weren’t a major topic of discussion in my household. Therefore, I still have so much to learn when it comes to earning, saving, budgeting, and investing money. I’ve been reading books, listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, and even using apps to increase my financial knowledge.

Weatlhfront, an automated financial planning app, has been an extremely helpful resource during this process. It’s free, easy to use, and convenient for someone like me who travels full time. I’m not ready for a financial advisor just yet, so this app has been an incredible(did I mention free?) alternative.

Once I entered my financial information into the app, I began receiving financial advice from experts. I’ve been able to learn about the longterm tradeoffs of my current decisions, which has been extremely eye-opening. I receive actionable advice for different scenarios and goals that may arise. I’m still a bit lost, but I’m learning more about investing – which I can’t wait to dig into this year! Like I said in a recent Instagram caption, I’m not tryna be balling on a budget all of my life.

I’m all about goal-setting and planning, so this app has been very insightful. I’ve been SO pleased with Wealthfront’s services and I trust that this is the best start on my journey to financial wellness.


Download the app here to start saving for your journey and keep an eye out for my next blog post where I’ll continue sharing my experience with the Wealthfront.

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