About Ciara!

I’m a global citizen and lover of travel. 

This ain’t your basic travel blog - I'm here to drop all things travel related from the good to the bad, and the ugly. I'll share all my travel fails so you don’t make the same mistakes. 

You’ll also hear all about the places that have caught me by surprise, and those that have brought tears to my eyes. 

I’ll keep it real 100% of the time because life nor travel, is perfect. 

But first, how did I get here?

I crafted my own lil' corner of the internet after study abroad trips in Panama, India, and South Africa. Sounds cliche, but my life and view of the world were forever changed.  

Hey, I'm Ciara!

After graduating, I felt lucky to land my first 9-5 job in HR at a Fortune 500 company. According to society, this was the next step, right?

After sitting in my cubicle, it didn't take long wonder “Is this it?” 

 I quickly realized that this life wasn’t for me. I just knew I was meant for more. I wanted to break away from routine, travel to far-flung destinations, immerse myself in other cultures.

It was a wild thought, but I yearned to travel full-time or at least take an adult gap-year. So, I dedicated myself to making my dream a reality. I worked hard for 2 years, saving every dime - $15,000 to be exact, and then…I quit! 

i wanted to do, see, and be more.

Life before Travel

The biggest hurdle I faced was money - Where would I get the cash to make this happen?

Instead letting doubt take over, I got creative with logistics and I got strategic about choosing destinations.. 

I sold everything I owned, bought a backpack, ended my lease, and booked a one-way flight to Mexico - solo. 

I was terrified. My mind was full of “what if’s” - I was leaving a stable life for the unknown. What if I ran out of cash? Where would my next check come from? What if everyone was right? But I was more terrified of staying stuck in my current life than I was of the uncertainty ahead.

I knew that in order to create a fulfilling life, I would need to take that leap of faith. 

be willing to bet on yourself

I Quit My 9-5 Job

Your faith must be greater than your fear.

Now I Travel Full-Time

you wanna quit your job to travel, work remote, or squeeze weekenders into your 9-5? lets make it happen.

As soon as I understood the power of storytelling, I knew my calling was to combine my passion for travel with sharing stories. This path has given me so much, so it only makes sense to pay it forward by helping others make the most of their journey. Now, I'm fortunate enough to get paid to help 150K loyal followers level up their travel game - a dream come true!

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Ready to broaden your horizons and acquire the necessary knowledge to take on your next journey? 

You've been talking about your travel goals, so now It's time walk the walk. You deserve rest, peace, joy, freedom, and adventure. You're capable and more importantly, you're worth it.  Take your travels(and life) to the next level with my exclusive tools, resources, and support!

Since I can't possibly cover everything here, let me show you!
Remember, my path started off like yours. I'm simply proof that you can do it too!

My Travel Journey


  • Studied abroad in South Africa
  • Graduated from Texas A&M
  • Got my first big girl job in HR! 
  • Started my travel blog!


  • Took my first solo trip to San Francisco 
  • Took my first solo abroad to Costa Rica
  • Saved up my coins with a masterplan to quit my job


  • Quit my job & sold everything I own
  • Bought a backpack & one-way ticket to Mexico
  • Backpacked across Latin America & Europe solo


  • Hit 10k on IG & 30k on Twitter
  • Landed my 1st paid travel collab
  • Began travel writing part-time for Elite Daily
  • Worked remotely in South East Asia and Europe


  • Quit part-time writing to focus on HeyCiara 
  • My 1st yr earning full-time income as a blogger(finally)
  • Extensively traveled the US 
  • Invited on an 80-day trip around the world with Airbnb


  • The pandemic halted my travel plans so I embraced stillness
  • Signed my first lease since 2017 in Houston, TX
  • Focused on healing my inner child while at home


  • Learned to balance travel & life at home
  • Focused on me - yoga, rest, therapy, salsa dancing, etc
  • Began post-pandemic travel! Happy to explore again


  • Spoke at TravelCon - a goal of mine!
  • Collaborated with dream brands like Marriott, Delta, Amex, Visit California, REI, etc.
  • Hosted a 6-part web series interviewing non-profits who help black people get outdoors 

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Get the ultimate packing list to make sure you’ve got all the essentials. It’s been 7 years in the making so I’m confident it won’t lead you astray.

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Get to Know Ciara

Fun facts that you probably don’t know about me.

Star sign? Enneagram? Meyers Briggs? 


Capricorn. Enneagram 7 (duh!), INFP.

What’s your travel superpower? 


My ability to sleep anywhere, anytime!

Your favorite journey you’ve taken? 


The one to heal my inner child. 

What‘s your go-to activity in every destination?


Salsa Dancing, Yoga in a unique spot, and people watching.


Write a book, start a non-profit, open a boutique hotel, and film a documentary. 

What are your favorite personality characteristics in yourself? 

My endless curiosity, undying loyalty, unparalleled adaptability, and eternal optimism. 

Some day I want to... will


I’m here to help you pursue your travel dreams by providing the resources I wish I had in the beginning.

HeyCiara Blog

When you travel, I don’t want you to be afraid. I want you to have enough resources that embracing the unknown isn't so scary. 

Welcome to the

xoxo Ciara

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