All The Weird Things I Miss About Travel

Despite the fact that I’ve somehow settled into the stillness brought on by quarantine, there are a few things I never thought I’d miss about travel like:⁣


“Can I see your boarding pass and passport please?” ⁣

Overstuffing my suitcase.

The Window seat. Hell, even the middle seat. Any seat.⁣

Overpriced Airport food.⁣

Wondering where everyone in the airport is coming from/going to.⁣

Rushing/being late. Now, there’s nowhere to be.⁣

Grumpy TSA Security agents.⁣

The ‘Ding!’ sound at take-off & landing. Does anyone even know what that means?⁣

Unsolicited conversations with my Uber Driver.⁣

All the strangers I’d pass on my way to everywhere⁣.

An airline notification that my flight would be departing in 24 hours. Time to check-in!⁣

Language barriers⁣.

Overhearing conversations in an airport food court or lounge or restaurant happy hour⁣.

Falling asleep in unusual places⁣.

Waking up in a new place⁣.

Places I’d like to return to and somehow all the places I’ve never been to.⁣

An unhealthy reliance on Google Maps to navigate the unknown.⁣

All the moments that once seemed unremarkable.⁣

Most of all? freedom. Not necessarily the act of going somewhere, but the fact that I could if I really wanted to. And maybe I don’t miss these things at all. It’s rare that I feel a sense of longing. However, something tells me that once we’re able to truly go out into the world again my soul will softly sing, “Ah, there it is.” ⁣

Can you relate to any of these? What do you miss about travel or simply existing among other people?

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Things you need to know before visiting Tulum


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