How I Stay Healthy On The Road As A Full-Time Traveler

This blog post is in collaboration with Nature’s Way, however all opinions are my own.

I couldn’t tell you the number of beds or airports I’ve slept in during the past two years. Living on the road is exhilarating, but it’s also quite hectic. No single day looks the same, so that means it’s difficult to keep a routine. I might fly to a new destination on a whim and there’s no telling when I’ll be able to hit the gym. I come into contact with so many people on a daily basis and hygiene isn’t always the highest priority in every country that I visit. Given this, I have to be extra careful about caring for myself on the road.Without a healthy immune system both my work and travel plans could be derailed, so I do my best to stay on top of my health. In partnership with Nature’s Way,

Here are my biggest tips for staying healthy on the road:


  • Stay Hydrated – It’s crucial to stay hydrated on a regular basis, but especially while traveling. It’s easy to overlook how important this is, but dehydration can quickly lead to sickness and exhaustion. Water will replenish your body and help flush out any toxins that you may pick up on the road. It’s the ultimate life-saver.

  • Get Enough Rest – It can be tempting to stay up all night and catch up on sleep ‘while you’re dead’. In the past, this was my motto. However, as I’ve gotten older and wisened up, I’ve had to face the hard reality that my body needs rest. We aren’t super human and travel is already tough enough on our bodies. You’ll thank yourself later for getting as much as sleep as possible.

  • Take Your time – Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to see it all and do it all. Select some major ‘must-do’s and then take your time when it comes to exploring a new city. There’s no fun in running yourself tired and draining your energy on your trip.

  • Know Your Limits – Our bodies all operate differently, so it’s important to know your limits. Be aware of how much your body can handle and do your best to listen to it! Have fun, but remember that it’s all about balance!

  • Get Lost And Wander – Walking is one of the best ways to keep your body active and explore during your travels. Your body, eyes, and mind will thank you.

  • Eat Fresh Fruits And Veggies  – Search for the nearest local market for fresh produce in order to avoid eating out all of the time. This is an easy and affordable way to eat healthier on the road.

  • Use Hand Sanitizer – Staircases, subways, airports, and buses are full of germs. In order to avoid picking up additional germs and bacteria, bring a hand sanitizer that you can use on the go.

  • Get Active – Go surfing, try yoga, take a hike! There are so many ways to have fun AND stay active while traveling! Try whatever sports that the locals do to make it a cultural experience!

  • Wear Sunscreen – This is a no-brainer, but I’ve personally made the mistake of forgetting sunscreen. It’s so necessary to protect your skin in harsh weather conditions – including extreme heat, strong winds, and freezing temperatures.

  • Pack Convenient Cold + Flu Reliefs – In the unfortunate case that you do catch a cold or flu, pack convenient Umcka® Cold + Flu chewable tablets by Nature’s Way. These tablets will help relieve your aches††, pain††, congestion, cough, and fever†† for the time being.


* This statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

††These indications are based solely on traditional homeopathic use. They have not been evaluated ty the Food & Drug Administration.

How do you stay healthy while traveling? Did these tips help? If so, please comment down below to let me know!

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