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Want to live our your childhood dream and sleep in a teepee? 

What about a restored vintage trailer, safari tent, or Mongolian Yurt? 

Look no further than El Cosmico!

Sitting in the high desert plains of West Texas, El Cosmico offers unique accommodation to travelers. With tee-pees, trailers, & tents, It’s certainly not your typical hotel stay.

After seeing this place all over Instagram and Pinterest, I’d been dying to go. In September, I was able finally find a pink vintage trailer available for booking in October. So last weekend, we made the 5.5 hour drive from San Antonio to Marfa, Texas. I’d been told that Marfa was “different” and this definitely proved to be true once we arrived. This place was such a pleasant surprise and I cannot wait to return. You’ll read more about our experience below.

El Cosmico is pretty unconventional, so it’s best to do a bit of planning before you arrive. Here are 8 things you should know before you go!

1.  Book Early

Thanks to El Cosmicos growing popularity, they are regularly sold out – especially on weekends. For the best availability options, you should begin booking on their website at least 2 months out. Each option has a different aesthetic and they all have adorable features within. The four standard booking options include: Tee-pee, Trailer/Airstream, Safari.

You can also bring your own tent and camp on the grounds if you want to save a bit of money OR if everything was booked.

We stayed here in the Amigo! Despite how small it looks, it was surprisingly spacious. Including a full kitchen, booth, and queen sized bed. Also A/c. It was lovely! 

We stayed here in the Amigo! Despite how small it looks, it was surprisingly spacious. Including a full kitchen, booth, and queen sized bed. Also A/c. It was lovely!

Inside the Amigo!  Our shower was outdoors. 

Inside the Amigo!  Our shower was outdoors.

2. Know When to Go

Try to visit El Cosmico during the warmer months. Being located in the desert, it can get very cold during winter months. Keep in mind that the teepees & tents don’t offer a/c or heaters.

You also want to be mindful that booking during the week(as opposed to the weekend) will leave you with few restaurant/shop options in such a small town – Marfa pop. ~2000.

If you can brave the cooler weather, you’ll have better luck because more booking options will likely be available. Rates will also be lower during winter and weekdays, so this could be beneficial.

October was the perfect time to visit El Cosmico - it wasn't too hot or cold!

October was the perfect time to visit El Cosmico – it wasn’t too hot or cold!

3. You’ll be Disconnected

There are no televisions or computers on the camping grounds. You most likely won’t have any cell service either, which will allow you to truly disconnect and take in your surroundings. Woo-hoo for being present!

Don’t worry, There is wi-fi available in the lobby if you really need your fix.

The Mongolian Yurt

The Mongolian Yurt

“The hotel’s aesthetic is more inspired by nomadic cultures than it is modern. There’s a strong influence from places like Mexico and India, which speaks to the spirit of the wanderer or intrepid traveler. Marfa, Texas, naturally inspires that feeling of slowing down and spending time looking at the beautiful expanse all around you. We built El Cosmico around that natural response to the landscape.” – Isadora McKeon, Marketing & Comm. Director at Bunkhouse Hotels

4. You’ll Make New Friends

With community showers, hammocks, bikes, hot-tubs, and events,  El Cosmico offers the perfect landscape for meeting other travelers. Instead of crashing in your tent for the night, get cozy at the camp-fire and make some new friends.

You can also attend a variety of festivals & events that they host throughout the year, which can be found on the events page of their website.

At night, We huddled around the camp-fire with 8-10 people from all over the nation & shared laughs. Everyone was super friendly!

5. Bring Your Own Food & Drinks

Marfa is a one stoplight town, meaning most places close on the weekdays and/or close early on the weekends. It may be heard to come across food. There is a dollar general in town, but I’d recommend going to the grocery store before entering.

The trailers have kitchenettes available for cooking. We were impressed with the stainless steel kitchen & appliances!

Inside their store.

Inside their store.

6. You Don’t Have to Stay to Visit

Even if El Cosmico is all booked up, you can still take a look around and hang out in the communal areas. Its definitely worth seeing if you’re in Marfa.

7. It’s not Luxurious

El Cosmico reminds me of the summer camps I attended years ago. The ground is dusty. the grounds are vast & can require plenty of walking. You’ll have to carry your own bags to your room or tent. The showers are outdoors(unless you’re in one of the bigger trailers). Things are simple. Clean & refreshing, but very simple. Like I said, it’s definitely not your typical hotel stay.

Bring flip-flops for the showers and a flashlight(or phone) for wandering the grounds at night.

8. El Cosmico isn’t for EVERYONE

Keeping # 7 in mind, El Cosmico won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Ha! I can only imagine how much my parents(who prefer more conventional living) would dislike this place. Things are slow and simple in this town(MARFA GUIDE COMING SOON).

It’s basically a glorified trailer park, but rightly so! 

If you’re looking for an unique experience that connects you with your surroundings and those around you, it is definitely for YOU!

We loved our little pink trailer and the colorful interior within. It was amazing to see the stars light up the night sky. We had the opportunity to slow down and really be present, which is necessary all of us at times. El Cosmico is one of those places that really brings life’s simple pleasures into focus. I can see why people go back again and again.


Would You Stay at El Cosmico?

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