What a hostel is REALLY LIKE Inside – A VIDEO and a story | HOSTEL GUIDE PART II

I just returned from a weekend in one of my favorite places – New Orleans, Louisiana. (Dedicated blog post coming soon, btw)

I stayed in a hostel while I was there –  the Auberge NOLA.

I could have stayed in a hotel but I saved $200+ by staying in a hostel.

And in my mind…..more savings = MORE TRAVEL + (more money for good food). So…it was a no-brainer for me.

This hostel is probably the friendliest hostel I’ve ever stayed in. Everyone was SO friendly from the jump! As soon as I arrived & walked out to the courtyard outside, I was greeted by 10 + strangers sitting around the table playing King’s cup.

Everyone at the table had an accent. 2 girls were from Germany, 2 guys were from New Zealand, 1 guy was from England, 1 guy was from Syria, 1 girl was from South Korea, and only 1 other guy was from the US.  Many of them were traveling the US for the first time.

We all talked, battled it out in King’s Cup(I Lost), and then headed out for a night on Frenchman street. We had such a good time together each night despite the fact that we’d just met. It’s crazy how easy it can be to meet awesome people when everyone is open. No matter where I go, my favorite part of travel is the people I meet and the experiences we share – even if for just a few hours. Even if I never see these people again, it feels good to know that they played a role in my travel experience.

I talk about how easy it is to make friends at a hostel my last post. Hostels are perfect for solo travelers, budget travelers, or anyone that might be looking for a friendly atmosphere.

I’ve said it before – they’re NOT for everyone. I’m not saying I’d choose a hostel over a comfortable & private hotel/rental every time because I wouldn’t. I do know that staying in a hostel could bring many one step closer to being able to afford that trip you’ve been wanting to take. So as long as it’s clean & safe, who cares where you sleep? You’ll be out exploring anyway!

Sure, you’ll be sleeping in bunk beds like you’re at 6th-grade summer camp. but you’ll save hundreds of dollars and you just might meet some pretty cool people.  

In Portugal, I recorded a hostel tour video & I finally got the chance to edit it1

Check out this video to see WHAT A HOSTEL IS REALLY LIKE! 

Sorry for talking with my hands and being a bit boring – I’ve gotta get more comfortable on video haha!

Is this what you expected a hostel to be like? Comment below!


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