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Have you ever found yourself being so intrigued by the characters and dynamics of a show or movie? Or what appears to be another persons life? I don’t watch TV often, but I have my brother’s Netflix account and one of my favorite shows is New Girl. I love all of the characters and I think its the funniest show ever. When I was re-watching some of the episodes last week, I found myself so into the character’s lives. It all seemed so cool – their apartment, their relationships, their personalities, everything. I thought, “Wow, their lives are so interesting”. Not in the sense that they were doing exceptionally cool things, but just in the dynamics of the friendships and how they’d meet up for dinner or go on these weird dates. For a moment I even found myself thinking, “I want a life, an apartment, a city, a friendship, etc. like that”.

This made me realize how hard it is for us to see our life for the sum of what it really is, because I DO have a life like that. It’s obviously not the exactly the same, but you get what I mean, right? I have my friendships, apartment, interests, job, etc. and so do you. Whether we realize it or not, Each and every detail about our life is very intimate and intriguing – the thoughts, choices, relationships, and events. We just don’t realize it, because its our life.  Sometimes we think about the bad too much and even downplay the good. Just as in real life, Each television character plays their own role and has their own thing going on. They struggle in relationships, jobs, their purpose, etc. Even when its bad, its all a part of the story, right? Theres a reason for it even if we don’t find out why until few episodes in.

I can guarantee if someone was to create a movie or show based off of your life, it’d be pretty dang interesting despite what you may think. Remember that fight you had with your friend? Yea, that would make for a pretty good episode.  Remember that time you didn’t have friends? Yea, well you’ll make friends in the next few episodes. Still looking for a good job? Another episode. Still crying over your ex? Another few(or five) episodes. And eventually the season will end, but everything happened the way it was supposed to. It was all part of the script.

Its so easy to view a TV show or even someone else’s life and believe that yours isn’t as fun or that you are off track. That doesn’t make any sense though, because we are all very different people with very different lives. Maybe you’ll meet your future husband in season 3 instead of season 1 like you’d hoped for. Maybe this job that you have is only meant to last during season 2 and then you finally get your dream job in season 4. We don’t know what will happen. Sure we may have an idea or even a hope that this or that will happen, but we never really know until the season airs. We keep watching anyway though and trust that it will all come full circle by the final episode.

Your life is interesting. Your life is moving along, whether it feels like it or not. Things are happening the way they are supposed to be happening for you. Even the bad? Yes, even the bad. The only difference between your life and these shows is your ability to change the script. It sounds cliche, but we really are the author of our own lives to a certain extent. Everyday we make millions of tiny little choices that affect our lives in a big way in the end. It’s amazing to know that you possess that power and you don’t have to sit to the side and watch as your life passes by. At any point, you can kill off(ok, remove) a toxic character. You can quit the job that you hate. You can even change your own character if you’re not pleased with who you’ve become, and sometimes you should.You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT because it’s your story. It’s your show.

So, enjoy the show. Enjoy your life. Enjoy this season. If this season sucks, keep going…because it’ll pass and you can get right back into the swing of things next season. Change the script where you need to. Relish in the fact that these are your seasons. A new season always comes and some things will change, but that’s the only way you can move forward. That is how your character develops and progresses. Every now & then,  you’ll look back on the past seasons and realize that some of the events that took place were preparing you for where you are right now.

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