How To Practice Self Care While Traveling Solo



Stop right there.

Are you hungry? Angry? lonely? Tired? These are questions I use to check in with myself when I’m traveling, especially solo. There are so many moving parts that make it easy to overlook our basic needs while traveling. Interestingly enough, this weird time at home has caused me to check in just as much, if not more – despite the fact that nothing at all seems to be happening. Here’s what that usually looks like and how it looks now: ⁣


“Have I eaten? Have I drank enough water? I’ve gone from bus to train to plane without eating. I should probably eat.” ⁣


“Has anyone or anything pissed me off? That train I missed? The person that cut me in line? Do I need to process anything or let something/someone go?” Time to whip out the journal, meditate/pray, workout, turn on my favorite song, etc. These are all things that can be done currently in the comfort of your home. ⁣⁣


Do I need to phone a friend? Do I need to move from my stunning(but lonely) Airbnb/hotel to a hostel so that I can be around others? Maybe I should go to the park or a local coffee shop.” Right now? You might use the House Party app to Facetime friends or social distance with a friend outdoors. ⁣


“I live for an adventure, but Lord knows I need my rest. Should I stay in and catch up on sleep tonight? Do I need to take a nap?” Currently, if you’re anything like me, you may ask yourself if living like a nocturnal creature is serving you. Shoutout to quarantine sleep patterns! ⁣

We ALL know what it’s like to be HANGRY, let alone all of these things at once. Once we take a tiny bite of food we feel like ourselves again. Traveling alone has really taught me to tune into how I’m feeling and well since there’s nobody to distract me, I must constantly ask myself where I’m at – mentally. Oftentimes, I simply need to attune to my basic needs. It usually makes a world of difference in the end. ⁣

Many people are currently alone and I know that it may be strange to feel so much at once. Don’t forget to check in with yourself!

How are you feeling?

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