My First Time Seeing Snow

I felt like I was five years old again. As we neared the top of the mountain, the scenery changed from forest green to pure white and I was filled with such bliss.


To see something for the first time is to see something in its purest and most childlike form of beauty.

On our way to Mount Rainier, I was hoping that there’d be snow since I’d never seen it before. I kept saying to Ivonna “Omg it better snow! I’m going to be so mad if it’s not snowing!”. Some of you may be thinking, “Okay, you’re 23 years old and you’ve never seen snow before?” or “Ugh, I live in snow and its such a pain!”. Well, I live in Texas and it never snows here. Ever. And sure, I’ve traveled to places that snow but I never traveled there while it happened to be snowing. So this was huge for me! This was one of my “Firsts”.

Its sort of like when you travel to a place that you’ve always dreamed of traveling. A place that everyone has talked about. A place that you’ve seen in the movies or shows ever since you could remember. It stirs up a feeling of joy and appreciation inside of you.

Recently, my friend told a story about how her Eritrean cousins visited America for the first time. Her father asked the young boys what they wanted to see or where they wanted to go in America. You’d think they would have said something like the White House , but nope – they said they wanted to see big yellow School buses. My friend and her family couldn’t believe it. Of all things to see during their first visit to America, they wanted to see school buses? Well, that was what they saw all the children riding to school in in the movies they’d watch. So for them, thats one of the things they envisioned when they thought of America. They took the boys to see the school buses and they were beyond excited, posing for pictures & everything. I might see school buses everyday, but this was one of their ‘Firsts’.

The point of that story was to demonstrate what it’s like seeing or experiencing something for the first time – especially something that you’ve always dreamed of seeing. Whether its’ something big or small, you feel of a sense of appreciation that is uncommon in your daily life simply because it’s a breath of fresh air for you.

THIS is only one of the reasons I travel. That feeling of elation when you see or experience something for the first time can’t be matched. And sure, that feeling of exhilaration is fleeting but it doesn’t stop there. Its the possibility of what could come from that newfound exposure – New hobbies, new outlooks, new people, new memories. It happens. And sure, snow isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things but new experiences(big or small) can literally change your life.And even if they don’t change your life, they can change your outlook.  There are endless possibilities that could come from new experiences(not only travel) – possibilities that may have seemed pretty far out of reach or almost non-existent before.

“Do More. Be more. See more” 

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Things you need to know before visiting Tulum


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