How To Save On Hotels With Hotel Tonight’s Daily Drop Feature

So, here’s the thing – I love traveling, but I’m always ecstatic to return home. After spending three months traveling Southeast Asia(Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, it feels refreshing to be in a familiar environment.

I return back to the US every quarter or so for birthdays, weddings, and holidays. My relationships are important to me, so I’ll never be the full time-traveler who is gone 365 days a year. This time around, I had a best friend’s wedding and a few birthdays to attend. So I thought, “Why not spend time exploring the US?”. I haven’t truly traveled throughout the US since I quit my job. Why? It’s expensive AF – especially in comparison to the destinations I normally visit.  Public transportation is practically non-existent outside of major cities, domestic airfare is pricey, and there aren’t many low-cost accommodation options. Basically, US travel is harder on my wallet.

However, my younger sister turned seventeen and she really wanted to take a sister-trip to LA. This would be the perfect time to explore the US for a bit and create exciting memories with loved ones. I knew that I’d have to handle my travel costs differently while traveling the US, so Hotel Tonight was the first resource that came to mind.

What is Hotel Tonight?

Hotel Tonight is an app that helps you find discounted hotel rooms. Hotels give Hotel Tonight their unsold rooms. They show you the best deals each day. I’ve used Hotel Tonight in the past, and I am partnering with them to present their latest Daily Drop feature. The Daily Drop feature scores you even deeper savings on hotels picked for you.


So, here’s how Daily Drop works:

● Daily Deals will show up in your destination on the Hotel Tonight app. You can unlock a Daily Deal once a day, every day.
● The Hotel Tonight app will continue to get better at finding the best deals as you continue using the Daily Drop Feature
● You’ve only got 15 minutes to book the Daily Deal before it disappears. The deals only last 15 minutes, so hotels are game to offer super-discounted rates.
● Daily Drop is available in most of HotelTonight’s top destinations and will continue to roll out to new cities.

It’s kind of like a game! So, you can check the new Daily Drop everyday!

“We built HotelTonight because we believe in a lifeless planned. In a life rich in experiences, not things. In the endless possibilities of the night ahead, and the night after that. We know that one ten-second decision can completely change the course of your day, in the best possible way.”

Our hotel, The Freehand Los Angeles, was the perfect launch pad for exploring DTLA and beyond. We tried delicious vegan restaurants, hiked Runyon Canyon, chilled on rooftops, and visited the Griffith Observatory. There wasn’t a single day that the Freehand’s rooftop was empty, so we loved the fun and communal aspect. It helps that we were able to save on accommodations so that we could spend on food and experiences. I’m always searching for money-saving resources and Hotel Tonight is the best app out there for finding hotel deals, by far.

Giveaway Time!!

As a huge thank you for following along, I will be doing a $250 hotel credit giveaway in collaboration with Hotel Tonight!  Head to my Instagram for rules on how to enter! Thanks for reading!

Check out Hotel Tonight here:


This post was made in collaboration with Hotel Tonight, but all opinions are my own. 




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