25 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit The Algarve Region of Portugal | My Algarve Photo Diary

The Algarve is so breathtakingly beautiful. It’s difficult to describe it in words. I hadn’t even heard of this area until my friend Veronica(that I studied abroad with in Panama)  suggested that we go. After a quick google search, I just knew I had to go.

I’m so glad we decided to go because we had such an amazing time. I recently created a video highlighting some parts of a trip and now I’ll leave you with beautiful photos to show you a bit more. Enjoy!

Arrived into Faro, Portugal just after dark. We barely made our flight from London. We took an Uber from the airport and spent the night wandering the streets of faro with a guy we met at our hostel. a member of the portuguese army, He was born & raised in the country so he told us all about its history.

Tip: If you want to explore the Algarve, Faro is the airport to fly in to. 


Our hostel was probably one of the cleanest, nicest hostels I’d ever been in(video coming soon!). It also had a really nice rooftop terrace where everyone meets for breakfast in the a.m. look at that view! 

We only spent the morning in Faro before deciding to rent a car and go on a roadtrip along the coast! Thankfully, Ashley knows how to drive a stick-shift because that was the only rental option. We hadn’t even considered that the car might not be automatic, so that’s something to keep in mind if you plan on renting cars in another country!

Walked to the local market to buy some fruit, meat, & cheese for the next few days. Everything was so tasty!

Spent ~1 hour driving into Portimao, a small beach town with plenty of shops & cafes.

This beach was quite crowded, but we sat out in the shade, snacked for a bit, & enjoyed the views before heading to Praia de Marinha.

We raced to Praia de Marinha to catch the sunset. We made it just in time.

We slept at the beach & woke up with the sun. I walked back down to the sand, while Ashley read in the car. Other than the birds, the only footsteps were my own.

Walked down plenty of steps to get to the beach – only to realize we had the whole place to ourselves! So amazing! I write about that experience here.

Just. Look. At. That. View!

Such an amazing experience at praia de marinha!

eating local, of course. quite a bit different than olive garden’s calamari, but it was super tasty!

made it into Lagos, Portugal! the water was soo cold!

$10 grotto/cave tour in lagos.

Absolutely breathtaking!

the owner showed me how to drive the boat & took some photos for me!

P O N T E  D E  P E I D A D E

Farol da Ponta da Piedade, 8600 Lagos, Portugal


 Hope you enjoyed friends!

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