Skinny-Dipping in the Sea | Portugal


“Let’s skinny-dip!”, I whispered to Ashley. I whispered as if we were in a crowded room, but it was just us. Not another person in sight. I was excited because this was something I’d never really thought about doing, but that moment seemed like the perfect opportunity if there ever was one. 

We arrived to Praia de Marinha just as the sun was setting. I was admiring a breathtaking view as I paced back and forth to capture photos. We began walking down the steps nearby to see the sun set from the beach. We arrived to the beach only to discover that we were alone. It was just Ashley & I, surrounded by massive caves and crashing waves. This was by far the most beautiful beach I’d ever seen.  We snapped a few photos & then put our belongings away to explore. Praia de Marinha is small beach – smaller than the building I work in, so we could easily wander from one end to the other end of the beach.

And so we skinny-dipped. Once it got completely dark, we hurriedly ripped our swimsuits off  & ran into the Sea. We ran, we jumped, we screamed, and we laughed. The only sounds were our laughs & the of the crashing waves. The caves towered over us as we laid in the damp sand. We wandered from one edge of the beach to the other, with only the moonlight lighting our paths

I’ve never felt so free. I was in pure awe of the beauty around us. I felt a natural high, as if I had magically gained all of the energy in the world.  My senses were heightened & I felt such a rush. I felt electric. I felt refreshed. I felt humbled. Isn’t it crazy how nature can make you feel more connected & more calm? 

In those moments, I felt an immense amount of gratitude – for life and for God. I was reminded of our smallness. I was also reminded that we each have purpose, despite how small we are. 

Who knew we’d be skinny-dipping in the Algarve? Thank God for friends who say ‘yes!’. Thank God for life’s simple pleasures. And Thank God for his creation. 

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Things you need to know before visiting Tulum


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