14 Bucketlist Activities For An Unforgettable Trip to Puerto Rico

So you’re headed to Puerto Rico and you need some things to do? I’ve got you! I’ve visited countless times and I still believe that Puerto Rico is an incredible travel destination for everyone but especially US Citizens. When people ask me where they should travel WITHOUT a passport, I always recommend this Caribbean island. The best part? There’s no US passport needed. It was a no-brainer for me years ago before having much international travel experience due to the ease of access, while also having the ability to dive into a new culture. Needless to say, you’re in store for a great time. Here are some things you can do on your trip to Puerto Rico:

1. Go Horseback Riding at Campo Rico Ranch

We galloped through lush green farmland on this famous ranch where famous movies like Fast & Furious have been shot. I felt like a kid again as I rode through cornfields under the island sun. You can book ziplining and four-wheeling at the same ranch!

2. Take Foodie Tour Through Old San Juan

No better way to discover a place than through its food right? Ate my way all the way through old San Juan while learning about the history of the Island. Learned how to make Mofongo, enjoyed some tasty Mallorca sandwiches, and devoured the mango popsicle/paleta you see in the video here. You can’t miss Senor Paletas!

3. Have A Rum Experience

I got the chance to taste the rum and sip on cocktails in both classic and hidden gems throughout old San Juan on a cocktail tour. I’m a sucker for a good cocktail so this was the oneeeeeeee! If you’re going to visit the Bacardi Factory, be sure to plan ahead! I missed out because there was no availability when I arrived.

4. Go Island Hopping via Catamaran

I’ve been to both Culebra and Icacos Island vía catamaran on separate trips to PR. If you ask me, I personally preferred Icacos! However, both islands are gorg and worth the day trip! If you book the right one, you’ll get unlimited rum punch along with lunch onboard!

5. Venture out to Cueva Ventana

Which is a large cave in a limestone cliff out in Aricebe, Puerto Rico. The views are everything and this is definitely more off the beaten path!

6. Take a Foodie Tour

Wander the streets of Old San Juan while tasting traditional foods like the Mallorca, Mofongo, Tostones, lechón a la vara, Mallorca, and Arroz con Habichuelas with every single meal. Make a stop at Veradura, one of my Favorite restaurants in old San Juan.

7. Listen to La Bomba Music

If you’re looking for Afro- Puerto Rican music and culture, then La Bomba music might interest you!  Check out Terraza de Bonanza to experience the lively sounds of La Bomba!

8. Go Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing to live music at la factoría on Monday nights(once rated top bar in the world, has 3 diff rooms and the backroom is live Salsa on certain nights). If you don’t know where to start, take salsa lessons! When In Puerto Rico, right?

9. Explore El Yunque Rainforest

Get ready to soak or dive(if you’re feeling adventurous)  into Puerto Rico’s National rainforest. El Yunque is rich in biodiversity and there’s no shortage of waterfalls throughout this massive rainforest. It’s absolutely worth the visit and it will give you a chance to discover Puerto Rico’s natural beauty! You can rent a car and visit the park for free. If you don’t have a car, you’ll need to book a day tour that included transportation. Get there early to beat the crowds and do some waterfall jumping if you get the opportunity!

10. Go Partying at La Placita(Plaza del Mercado)

There are several streets of markets & restaurants that turn into bars at night. SO much fun! We wanted to go back each night, *best nights are Thursday & Friday*

11. Stroll through Santurce

The Santurce neighborhood in San Juan is closer to the beach, street art, and yummy food. Check out La Placita(where market stalls basically transform into a block party by night), street art, and Lote 23(a fairly new food truck park) while you’re in the neighborhood.

12. You can book excursions using Get Your Guide, Trip Advisor, or Airbnb Experiences.

These are invaluable resources for booking with local companies via a trustworthy website where you can read reviews. They’re also ideal for solo travelers to join a group and meet new people. If you don’t rent a car, these sites will make it possible for you to discover more of the island without running up an Uber tab.

13. Kayak the Bioluminescence Bay

Ever seen sparkly plankton particles glow in the sea at dark? It’s pretty cool! If you visit during the right season, you’ll be able to see the water sparkle!

14. More than anything, just explore!

Wander the streets and talk to as many locals as possible to really get a feel for the city. With everything that we did, we still didn’t scratch the surface in San Juan!

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