8 Things You Must Do When You Visit Kansas City, Missouri 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I recently I had the opportunity to kick it in Kansas City, Missouri with my mother! This was my first time visiting the state of Missouri and it was glorious. I’ve had the opportunity to explore more of my home country this year, and it’s been so nice to discover some gems outside of coastal cities. I know that I personally have a habit of sticking to well-known, major cities within the U.S. and it’s been so nice to venture out, even if only for a weekend. We had no idea what was in store once we arrived, so I’ve compiled a list of things-to-do if you decide to visit. Here are 8 things you must do when you visit Kansas City, Missouri

Jam To Live Jazz Music


You can’t visit Kansas City without listening to some live jazz music. You can dive deeper into the city’s jazz history at the American Jazz Museum. While you’re there, you might wanna stick around for a live jazz session at the Blue Room. Grab a table, order a cocktail, and listen in on local artists. You’ll be surrounded by regulars who share a love for good music and a good time! 

Visit The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art


We were lucky enough to visit this exceptional museum at the tail end of it’s “30 Americans” exhibit – an exhibit highlighting American experiences told from the perspective of 30 prominent black artists over the last three decades. It was extremely moving, and some of the pieces will stay with me for a while. This exhibit may have ended, but the museum itself is free, and it’s totally worth a visit. The grounds are stunning, and they’re completely open to the public. Whether you want to have a picnic on the lawn or play a game of putt-putt every Friday!

Spend A Night At The Museum


I’m pretty sure we stayed in the coolest hotel to ever exist – 21C Museum and Hotels. There was a whole museum inside of our hotel, and it was as cool as it sounds. My jaw dropped as soon as we stepped inside. I’d fly just to stay in a hotel like this again!

Go Barbecue Hopping


Kansas City is known for its delicious barbecue, so you know we had to taste for ourselves and compare to ours back home in Texas. We tried several restaurants, like Arthur Bryant’s and Char Bar! They’re all made a bit differently,  so be sure to see which one suits your taste buds best! Don’t forget to try out some traditional sides like baked beans, mac and cheese, fried pickles, potato salad and more! 

Shop at the Country Club Plaza


This place is a one-stop-shop for restaurants, clothing stores, and bars! You could spend hours roaming this 16 block plaza and nobody would blame you! After a long day of shopping, refuel with dinner on the patio of Parkway Social Kitchen, then head to their hidden wine bar on the basement floor!

Pose In Front Of Street Art


The city is full of bright and bold street art. Head to the Crossroads art district to see murals that line the streets. Your Instagram followers will thank you later! Be sure to pop inside Parlor, a modern multilevel food court. The outdoor patio features a beautiful mural with views of some interesting street art throughout the district!

Sip Cocktails at a Rooftop Bar


I think we can all agree that nothing beats a rooftop bar in the summertime. Grab some bites and cocktail at Percheron rooftop bar in the Crossroads Hotel for an incredible view of the Kansas City skyline!

Taste Beer on a Brewery Tour


Boulevard Brewing Company is an iconic brewery, and you can learn all about its inception on a daily tour. These tours are offered every hour, and you can sign up once you arrive. You’ll end the hour and a half long tour with two samples of their local beer. Cheers to that!

Start Your Day at Messenger Coffee


This may have been the coolest cafe I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Messenger Coffee is a collaborative coffee shop and bakery with a mission to connect the consumer directly to the farm. It’s three stories, and there’s even a rooftop bar to enjoy the sunshine along with some live music on a summer day. If there’s anything worth ordering, it’s the lemon meringue pie – trust me!

This barely scratches the surface, but it’s a great place to start when visiting Kansas City, Missouri. We were pleasantly surprised with all that there was to do and we cannot wait to return in the future. If you’re looking for your next three-day weekend destination, then put this city at the top of your list.

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