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My biggest travel tip of all time (SAVE THIS!)??? Save in one area so you can splurge in another!

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Transportation is one of the best areas to do this in. People often think of flying when they think of travel. They overlook other forms of transportation like bus travel. Bus travel is not only more environmentally friendly, it can also be significantly cheaper. I’ve taken buses everywhere all the way from Texas to Central America to Europe. They have allowed me to get from point A to point B while saving tons of money along the way. Sometimes I even take overnight buses to avoid paying for accommodation altogether. This allows me to kill two birds with one stone – I sleep on the bus and then I arrive in my location ready to hit the ground running. In the end, traveling by bus has allowed me to save on transportation so that I can splurge in areas that really matter like experiences, unique accommodation and most importantly – food!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a solo trip to Austin by Greyhound Bus. I’ve taken plenty of Greyhound buses throughout Texas, so I’m no stranger to the journey. With their new fleet of buses, I was extremely impressed with how clean and spacious the seats were. We left on time and we actually arrived ahead of time. Once I touched down in Austin, I used ride sharing to get around the city.

Here were some of my favorite experiences in the Austin:

  • Stand up paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake
  • Cocktails at the picture-perfect P6 Rooftop in the Line Hotel
  • Drinks inside Refurbished Homes on Rainey Street
  • Hiking Mount Bonnell
  • Dancing to Latin & Hip Hop Music at Barbellas
  • Strolling South Congress Avenue on Saturday morning for vintage shopping and brunch spots
  • Eating Jumbo Stawberry Shortcake Donuts at Gourdough’s Donut Food Truck
  • Bat Watching at the Austin 360 Bridge
  • Perusing the Blanton Museum of Art

There’s honestly SO much to do in Austin, so I was really grateful for the chance to experience it again with Greyhound.

If you choose to book a trip via Greyhound, here are my biggest tips for traveling by bus:

  • Arrive an hour early
  • Carry all valuables with you on the bus (not in your checked luggage)
  • Use mobile check-in to skip the line
  • Bring a blanket or sweater in case you get cold
  • Bring headphones and pre-download any other form of entertainment
  • Make use of the free WiFi and outlets on-board
  • Book your next ride now here! Good luck!!



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