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I'm just a regular Texas girl who is simply curious about the world, but I never believed I would touch 60+ countries before 30.  Before embarking on this journey, I felt unfulfilled in my first post-grad 'big girl' job. I knew I wanted to escape the corporate world after two years, but I was scared of the unknown.

I sat in my cubicle daydreaming of handing in my resignation & buying a one-way ticket across the globe. However, my fears were rooted in the pressure to stick to 'normal' and 'stable' societal expectations. 

I took the leap after two years, and I'm ecstatic to say that my courage has led to me living an extraordinary life as a globetrotter, and now I'm passionate about showing others how they too can take the plunge and live their very best life.

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Greet the world, 
Meet yourself.

It’s not about bucket lists or insta-pics. While there are endless benefits to exploring this great big world, it’s the inward journey that matters most.

How can you push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone?How can you face and even embrace uncertainty? 

When you step outside of the bubble you were born in, you’re presented with the opportunity to go deeper and further.

As someone who's walked in your shoes, I'm arming you with stunning photos, expert advice, and essential resources that will help confidently take charge of your journey. I've got your back!

Ultimately, that’s what travel is about.

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Trust me when I say, you got this! 

I’ve ridden the struggle bus along this journey more than once. Nowadays I’ve got this travel thing down, so let me show you HOW to make your dream trip a reality and WHY it's worth it. I got you!

My blog is your one-stop-shop for my travel secrets, curated destination guides, MAJOR money-saving hacks, personal tales and anything else you need for the adventure of a life-time.

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See the world through my eyes, uncover my travel tips, & have some laughs along the way.

Don't be Afraid to Travel Solo

If you wait for others, You'll wait forever,

  • 22 amazon essentials for every solo traveler

Solo travel scares me, here's why I go anyway

Solo travel resources:

Tired of waiting for the trip to make it out of the group chat? Need some 'me' time? Want to travel without compromise? On a journey of self discovery?

Solo travel is calling! Having been to 30+ countries solo, I can say that it's a truly transformative experience. 

I''ll equip you with all things solo travel; from choosing a safe destination to packing the perfect bag.

  • Solo travel scares me, here’s why I go anyway

  • How to get the courage to take your first solo trip

  • 25 tips to stay safe as a solo female traveler 

  • The ultimate guide to taking beautiful photos while traveling solo

  • How To Practice Self Care While Traveling Solo

  • The 10 Absolute Worst People To Travel With | Why I Travel Solo

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How You Can Afford Travel

I know you're thinking; "This is great & all, but how will *I* pay for this?". I've been there, but you can travel & save money while you're at it.

From scoring cheap flights to saving on accommodation, I'll teach you how to travel further and longer without breaking the bank.

Ready to say bye to your daily lattes & hello to passport stamps? Let's go!

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Don't doubt the beauty that you can find in your own backyard. Travel can take on many forms and it doesn't always require a long-haul flight.

From eating your heart out in New Orleans to national park-hopping in Utah to camping in Yosemite, there is plenty of adventure to be had in the US.

My excursions across America have been among my favorite travel experiences. Whether it be a roadtrip to a nearby city or jetting off to a faraway coast, a domestic trip is the ultimate way to jumpstart your travel journey.

Go Domestic & Discover The US

start small

travel the USA

take it one step at a time 

The ultimate 3 day guide to Yosimite

Explore Destinations in:




Let's Travel!

The Ultimate Travel Book

Travel is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself and I want to pay it forward by making sure that others get to feel that magic for themselves. If you’re a long-time follower and/or friend of Hey Ciara, then you know that you’re in for a treat. This is a comprehensive and cohesive guide that provides actionable steps to help you get out into the world.

Coming Soon...


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That Make My Day!

From Sophie

"It's as if she talks to me directly most of the time, which is super awesome.

I love her content, her ability to share and give clear and precise details. Her honesty makes her authentic. I love traveling, and I often look up to her Twitter timeline for travel tips. She's an inspiration for an aspiring solo traveler like myself. Thank you."

From @yanaranx

She has soo many crazy good tips!

She's the only travel blogger I trust, and it's because it's obvious that she uses the things she promotes. As someone who wants to be a travel blogger, her suggestions make it seem more like a reality than a dream. 

From @Tiartista

She amazing, a female solo traveler?

Like that is such an amazing feat, all the challenges she has experienced traveling she has overcome. Also she puts together amazing content and care enough to share lots of information to help future solo female travelers!

From @xxxdanielcd

She’s authentic and presents her true self. 

In an era of influencer culture where everyone likes to glamorize only the “cool” and flashy perspectives and experiences, she tells it ALL & how it really is! Authentic, shares her stories and true to her self is what makes her different.

From @Ohgee_

She is informative and genuine.

She is informative in everything she does especially in traveling. She is genuine and she makes you feel that you are talking to a friend.

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