48 Hours in San Francisco


One of my major goals for 2016 was to take a trip alone somewhere. My parents would always rave about San Francisco but I’d never been. For some reason, I thought it’d be the perfect place to take a solo trip and I must say that it didn’t disappoint. I only spent an 48 hours in San Francisco, yet I felt like I did so much and got a really good feel of the city. I encountered the nicest people, ate way too much good food, finished a book(#GIRLBOSS), started a new book(Between The World and Me), walked up way too many hills, and so much more. It was such a nice weekend to explore a new city and it felt even better to do something like this by myself for the first time.

Things to Do

Alcatraz Island

It was so cool to learn about the history of such a notorious prison with famous criminals like Al Capone. Tickets can sell out up to a month ahead of time, so book early.

Muir Woods 

A breathtaking national park filled with California Redwoods and Greenery. So lush and beautiful! There are several 1-3 hour hikes that can be taken with different scenic routes. Since it is outside of SF, you can either visit with a local tour company or rent a car to drive, which may be a bit more difficult.   However you choose to get there, its definitely worth the visit.

Golden Gate Bridge

This one’s a no – brainer, but it had to be mentioned. I thought I’d be underwhelmed, but the golden gate bridge really is a sight to see in real life. You can pay to walk/bike it or simply view it from a nearby park or beach. The view from Fort Point at sunset was nice and calming.

Dolores Park

A lively park with interesting people and a killer view of SF.

I also visited Lombard Street, Sausalito, and Fisherman’s Wharf but those weren’t nearly as exciting as the places listed above.


I ate way too much food while in SF. There’s a diverse range of authentic and local restaurants. Check out Yelp! Don’t miss out on…

Brunch at Brenda’s Soul Food Kitchen

Believe the hype and Be Prepared for a line. So good!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

The Ube Puff was so so good. I arrived at 8am to a line formed down the street, so get there early!

La TAQUERIA in the Mission District

For authentic tacos in one of the city’s most culturally rich areas.


Neighborhood to Visit

The Mission District

Street art, trendy restaurants, beautiful homes, quaint shops, interesting people.



Favorite Moment(s)

Sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge

Every Lyft Ride

All of my lyft drivers were so friendly and informative. They gave me their perspective of the city and it was also nice to see them light up when they explained why they loved SF so much.

Getting Lost in the Mission District

After leaving Dolores park, I simply started wandering around just to see what was in the area and get a feel for the neighborhood. I ended up in the Mission District, known for latin culture and street art. I walked from book stores to quaint shops, stopping to take photos along the way. At one point my phone was about to die and I stumbled into the coolest coffeeshop on earth. This ended up being the best decision because I was able to charge my phone and read Between You & The World as 2pac and Biggie tunes played aloud. All was good in the world. Afterwards, I noticed a Thai Massage place across the street and I though, “Why Not?”. So I paid $50 for an hour and ended up getting the BEST massage from such a sweet Thai lady who hardly spoke English, but was able to insist that I relocate to SF at least 5 times.

I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever get the chance to do that, but I can say that I know I’ll be back as there is so much more to explore. Till’ Next time, San Francisco!

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